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New site – MyIP.Rocks

Need to know what your real public IP address is? See myip.rocks

It just gives you your IP in large, friendly letters. Don’t panic.

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Mary Moon is for sale! SOLD

The boat is sold – keeping this here for nostalgia.


My Grampian 26 sailboat, Mary Moon, is for sale!

See http://www.g26.ca

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Launch of aproposmarine.com

Today marks the launch of a site I’ve been working on for a small Canadian business that designs and manufactures (in Canada) pleasure boat accessories. There are nifty cup holders, mounts for chart plotters and other instruments, and more.


Check it out at http://www.aproposmarine.com

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ListeningCam – Audio Sensing Video Recording on Android

I have been working on an Android app that I find useful: Recording video when there are noises. I initially got the idea when I was wondering if the dog was being good when I am not home, but couldn’t find an app that does this.

Here’s a result of an early test when it was listening for the dog (Note that I’m having it save videos in tiny resolution while testing):

It’s pretty basic so far, but is still a work in progress and hopefully I’ll have something I can distribute soon.



You can view the source code at my GitHub repository.

An APK file is also available for download, but do note that there are still issues, and it may crash, require you to restart your device, etc, but here it is: http://dotslash.ca/ListeningCam/ListeningCam.apk


The video will start recording when audio level gets above the threshold, and can record for a set amount of time, or record until a certain duration of silence has elapsed.

Some features I may add:

  • Ability to upload automatically to a server
  • Notifications with images or videos sent to email or SMS
  • Ability to check live feed remotely via Internet.
  • Timestamps on the video
  • Delayed start
  • Schedules
  • Better power management
  • Ability to save only audio and no video
  • Motion sensing
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Highlight Tabs in Firefox!

Ever have an absurd number of browser tabs open and have trouble finding a certain one? Me too, so I wrote an add-on for Firefox to highlight tabs in different colours.

Highlight Tabs addon

See https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/highlight-tab/ to download.

To view or download the source (which may include newer updates), go to https://github.com/pvint/highlighttab or check out the git source directly: git clone https://github.com/pvint/highlighttab.git

Updates and new information will be posted at my main page for the addon.

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Changing permalink for a single WordPress Page

On WordPress 3.6 or 3.7, when you have the permalink type on the default /?page=33 style, you cannot edit the permalink for an individual page. If you change the global setting for permalinks to something like /page-title, the “Edit” button will now appear beside the permalink (Near the page title) when you edit the page.

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