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Huge sendmail queue – clearing it out

There are numerous reasons that the mail queue can get over full, ranging from general network problems, to having a user repeatedly sending an email with a large attachment to an incorrectly typed address.

The first thing you likely want to do is get some information on what’s in the queue:
To find out how many messages are in the queue:
mailq | tail -1
This will give you the total number of emails in the queue, ie:
Total requests: 6592
You might also want to know how old or new they are, so:
ls -lt | tail -10
ls -ltr | tail -10
will show you the oldest 10 and the newest 10 respectively.
To have sendmail retry the emails, simply run (as root):
sendmail -q -v
If you are in a situation where it has filled up the disk and need to fix it FAST, move the directory to another partition and then have sendmail process it from there (stopping sendmail with “/etc/init.d/sendmail stop” is recommended:
mkdir /root/tmpq
mv /var/spool/mqueue/* /root/tmpq
sendmail -q -v -oQ/root/tmpq

(if you get an error like “Argument list too long” instead run “mv /var/spool/mqueue /root/tmp” with sendmail stopped, then restart it)

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