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RePlug – Fender Amplifier Control

RePlug controls your Fender Mustang guitar amplifier from Linux (A Linux replacement for Fuse), and is a branch/continuation of the Plug program (See http://code.piorekf.org/plug/wiki/Home).
Support for the Fender Mustang Mini has been added, and the “knobs” (QDials) have been changed to sliders. (I do prefer the look of the dials, but they aren’t as intuitive to use to me).

See https://github.com/pvint/replug for downloads.


The TODO list includes revamping the interface (would be better in one window than in multiple dialogs), and getting the interface to respond to input from the hardware (ie: If you turn the “Gain” knob on the amp, the software should respond in suit. We’re almost there….)

More to follow…

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